Type Of Trucks
Hare Krishna Hare Rama specialized in transportation. We work according to the wish of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we work to fulfill your desires. We are providing services by Trucks. We have all Type Of Trucks Self Owned & attached with us including 28 To 12 Feet trucks .We provide services to all cities in India. We can surely claim that we are the leaders in loading and carrying over dimension and heavy weight consignments.Our experts thoroughly analyze your consignment requirements and workout a plan for you.Apart from all these transport mart also provides the clients with the experts and managers who manage everything at the site of the work. Bigger materials or smallest things nothing is a problem here; everything is done in a quality way, with different arrangements for all. The supervision of the managers makes the work more reliable as well as the insurance provided makes the thing trust worthier. Our team of well-trained experts is well versed with loading of various types of consignments particularly over dimensional and heavy consignments.


Size Of TruckType of truckCapacity
28 Feet14 Tyre22 Ton
24 Feet12 Tyre20 Ton
22Feet10Tyre15 Ton
19 Feet (LPT 1109)6 Tyre7.5 Ton
17Feet (LPT 709)6Tyre4Ton
12 Feet (407)4Tyre2Ton
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