Trailer Transport Company in Ambala

Hare Krishna Hare Rama Pvt. Ltd. Ambala is a leading transporter providing Multi excel trailer that are widely based transportation material or goods from distance point. This vehicle is designed by professional easy load and unloads heavy goods or machinery. Vehicle structure of the trailer is coated with oil paint that prevents the product from corrosion and increases the life in transport industry.

We offer trailer transportation service to our customer through it owned fleet that have more than 120 vehicle and we have all over India warehouse.

Type of vehicle-:

10 excel trailer
8 excel trailer
Low bed trailer
Semi low bed trailer
40 feet flatbed trailer capacity 20 to 35 mt.
20 to 30 feet flatbed truck & trailer

Our transport city from Ambala, Ambala to Mumbai, Ambala to Pune, Ambala to Bangalore, Ambala to Kolkata, Ambala to Nagpur, Ambala to Hyderabad, Ambala to Agra, Ambala to Indore, Ambala to Jaipur, Ambala to Gujarat, Ambala to Siliguri, Ambala to Solapur, Ambala to Durgapur, Ambala to Jabalpur, Ambala to Bhubaneswar, Ambala to Ambala, Ambala to Bilaspur, Ambala to Dhanbad, Ambala to Chandigarh, and Ambala to all over india.

Hare Krishna hare rama pvt. Ltd. ambala is now equipped to provide a complete trailer truck transport requirements with more than 100 offices all over India.

Cover Area-:Kanch Ghar, Manmohan Nagar, Bawa Vihar, Sarangpur, Barnala, Mandli, Dhankour, Kanwala, Kaula, Patti Jatan, Tagore Garden, Navneet Nagar, Rattangarh, Nahar Colony

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