Trailer Transport Company in Hisar

Hare Krishna Hare Rama Pvt. Ltd. is a leading trailer truck container transport company in Hisar. We are expert in transportation of Steel and Machine, Construction Project work. We give better services, immediate information about services time bound destination and full co-operation with customers. Our professionals are experienced in handling all types of heavy machinery loading unloading installations, construction loads, placements and removals.

Our own trailer type and capacity are following-:

40 Feet Flat Bed Trailer (Capacity 20 to 32MT.)
20 to 32 Feet Flatbed Trailer(Capacity 7 to 15MT.)
10 Excel Trailer
8 Excel Trailer
Low Bed Trailer
Semi Low Bed Trailer

Our Major service routes from Hisar to Delhi, Hisar to Mumbai, Hisar to Pune, Hisar to Bangalore, Hisar to Kolkata, Hisar to Nagpur, Hisar to Hyderabad, Hisar to Agra, Hisar to Indore, Hisar to Jaipur, Hisar to Gujarat, Hisar to Siliguri, Hisar to Solapur, Hisar to Durgapur, Hisar to Jabalpur, Hisar to Bhubaneswar, Hisar to Calicut, Hisar to Bilaspur, Hisar to Dhanbad, Hisar to Chandigarh, Hisar to Karnataka, Hisar to Tamil Nadu,  etc.

For any query related to trailer, truck, container transportation, you can call us anytime. Our executive will assist you.

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