Trailer Transport Company in Dhanbad

Hare Krishna Hare Rama Pvt. Ltd. Dhanbad is booking Transport Company. We provide trailer truck and container for goods available in market or our client. As per market demand of transport services has made expansion and improvement of road network necessary. We offer transportation service proficient quality Transportation service with a lot of alternative means machinery or goods. We provide truck trailer transport to manufacture company like Pipe Company, machinery manufacture, Construction Company, engineering company etc.

We provide following vehicles

  • 32 Feet Trailer
  • 40 Feet Trailer
  • Lorry
  • 12 Wheel Taurus
  • 10 Wheel Taurus
  • 20 Feet Containers
  • 17 Feet Containers

We move goods or machinery from one place to another from Dhanbad to Delhi NCR, Dhanbad to Mumbai, Dhanbad to Pune, Dhanbad to Surat, Dhanbad to Ahmedabad, Dhanbad to Delhi NCR, Dhanbad to Chennai, Dhanbad to Calicut, Dhanbad to Kolkata, Dhanbad to Indore, Dhanbad to Ranchi, Dhanbad to Delhi Patna, Dhanbad to Gwalior, Dhanbad to Amritsar, Dhanbad to Kanpur, Dhanbad to Karnataka, Dhanbad to Kerala, Dhanbad to Tamil Nadu, Dhanbad to jharkhand Etc.

We know good business sense to offer flexible working hours and policies for our employees. Our employee are well educate and polite. That the reason we have goods and experience team who are capable to handle any type transportation. Our teams ensure our customer with quality of transportation service.

Cover Area-:Wassepur, Dhaunsar, Dhangi, Saraidhella, Susnilewa, Devipara, Chanakya Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Manaitand, Pathrakulli, Saram Bazar, Kusunda, Bastacola, Matkuriya, Magadh Vihar, Bhuli, Karim Gunj, Lohar Kulli, Nayadih, Keshka, Alkusa, Matkuria, Ali Nagar

Name-: Mr.Aashish Sinha

Address-: katras road matkuria near mahindra showroom , dhanbad, Jharkhand (india)

Email Id-: [email protected]

Contact Us      +91 931  222  2222

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