Heavy Goods Loading and Unloading

Hare Krishna Hare Rama is leading transport company deals in heavy goods loading and unloading. Loading and Unloading can be performed with help of experts because there are various items which may break during loading/unloading. The unloading process covers taking goods to the place where they are to go but does not extend to sorting them out or arranging them once there.

The loading and unloading is performed by expert members of our company. We are equipped with latest equipments which ensure safety of your valuable goods during transportation. We also offer safe packing services. All the goods are packed using finest quality material and loaded onto the trucks. We also offer our clients option for multi-modal transportation to make the move completely hassle-free and cost-effective. The responsibility of loading and unloading the goods is carried out by our expertise with due care to offer insurance to the clients. We follow some guidelines to follow loading and unloading.

1. We pack valuables items with extensive care.

2. We pack items according to their nature.

3. We use safe equipments for loading and unloading.

4. To maintain stability, we use trailers be parked on firm level ground.

5. We check the signs and lines to ensure loading and unloading is permitted before you start

6. We always check the permitted loading times on the sign.

7. We never stop on restricted areas outside schools when prohibited

8. We only park on the pavement if there is no other way the delivery or collection could be made and if someone is left with the vehicle at all times.

9. The devices we use for loading and unloading the goods, equipments etc are well advance truck trailers, hydraulic elevators, lift tables, containers, lifters, loading sprouts, freight etc.

10. We keep copies of documentary evidence.

As a leading transportation company we do the loading and unloading work with extensive care.

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