Semi LowBed Trailer

Hare Krishna Hare Rama is a well known name in Transport Industry. We offer semi low bed trailer services at reasonable prices. Our Trailers are suitable for the consignment having height more than 8 feet and less than 12 feet and weight up to 40 ton. Hare Krishna Hare Rama is optimally designed to cater to your specific transportation needs. We add value to our trailers by employing superior quality trailer aggregates such as axles, suspension, kingpin, landing leg and brake layouts.

These trailers are designed by our professionals to easily load and unload heavy freight, cargo and goods. Our trailers are reliable, and driver- and loader-friendly. Goods and materials can be loaded easily. These are made up of heavy metals and suitable for heavy duty as well as special transport. Our semi low bed trailers can be used for different purposes like transportation of heavy construction machines, Wind power plants, industrial parts, crushing equipments, generators, track guided vehicles, road planning machines, Bulky goods and heavy loads. We also offer services for home shifting, office shifting, corporate shifting & relocation.

Major features of Semi Low Bed Trailer are excellent tolerance, longer functional life, & minimal maintenance. Transportation of over dimensional and heavy consignments is a day-to-day affair for Hare Krishna Hare Rama Transport Company.

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